5 Fabulous ways to Warm up your Interiors this Winter 2018

Don’t let the chill breeze get to you this winter, the change of seasons is always a good reason for us to re-style and have fun with our interiors. Listed below are some fabulous 5 winter warmers that will keep you cozy & warm while you hibernate this winter season!

Printed Velvets:  Printed velvets are the new craze at the moment in fabric trends. These been beautiful velvet fabrics with giant prints of floral and gardens on them that are almost depicted like works of art. Deep colours of Green; Amber; Teals; Red and Black are used that create an eccentric look – kind of like a Baroque Revival!


Rich Colours:  Think of this year’s winter colour scheme as jewel tones for the season! Deep warm colours of: Scarlett Red; Emerald Green; Deep Turquoise; Dark Navy; Delicious Port; Terracotta and of course, Toast been the new nude! Implement these colours into your home through your crockery; accessories; soft furnishings; wallpaper or even pop a tin of paint onto a feature wall.



Living Décor with Greenery:  Bring the outside in with some beautiful colourful houseplants, pair these up with giant greens! Not only will this add some injection of colour into your home, but you will also feel great as greenery actually has great wellness benefits for us, such as: reducing stress; increasing creativity and provides an overall higher well-being!


Re-arrange your layout:  Change is always good and that implies to design layouts too. Think about how you could re-arrange some of the furniture items & accessories in your home to give it a fresh new warm take for the season. A great one is sure to be the lounge area where there possibly is a fireplace… re-arrange the seating to engage in warmer conversation.

Lighting:  Definitely a very important design key for winter – as the daylight becomes shorter it will be a perfect time to get the ambient lighting going. Create more mood and warmth by adding some occasional lamps with warmer vintage globes along with some beautiful scented candles.