Is working with a remote interior designer the right move?

Considering working with an Interior Designer remotely? How do you know if this is the right service for you? Anna Correia shares her tips that can help you make the right decision.

The choice of choosing to work with a remote Interior Designer can work for most people, but can be extremely daunting for others. When working on something as personal and special as your home, it is really important to know that working this way with your interior designer will be suitable for you.


Tips to consider when deciding to work with a remote interior designer online:

  • Spend time researching pictures of rooms; colour palettes; looks and feels; and furniture items that you really like. Designers appreciate it when clients are able to provide them with pictures of what they like as it gives the designer more direction on the project. The more information the designer has, the easier the process will be and the happier you will be with the final outcome.
  • Spend time researching interior designers online; this simple, easy process will help you identify a designer that will be able to create your perfect designer home.
  • Collate clear pictures of your home that you can show to the designer, as well as a floor plan that is measured correctly or drawn up to scale.
  • Communication skills are imperative! You must be able to clearly verbalize your likes and dislikes. Know what you want and don’t want. Be available to receive and respond to emails. Remember: the more information provided, the easier the process will be for everyone.
  • Patience is key, good things take time!
  • Be willing to let go and have trust in the process, allowing yourself to enjoy the creative journey.

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How do you know if this process is not fit for you?

  • Clients that are unsure of what they want or get easily diverted will not work well for this process.
  • You need to be able to make a decision; if you cannot do this with an interior designer off site then this will not work for you.
  • If you are impatient; highly pedantic and constantly nervous of the final outcome then this is definitely not for you. You need to let go and have trust in the process and your designer.

Anna’s Design updates working remotely and online:
Last month a shipment arrived in Perth, Australia. My client and I worked constantly online through emails & skype meetings to meet and the deliver the brief. She was so thrilled to receive her shipment here’s what she had to say:

“Dear Anna,
It’s all beautiful! Thank you so much! You have been an absolute pleasure to desk with. The furniture is not yet in it’s correct place. I will send photos when everything is in its place.” Client Perth, Australia

A new project is in the pipeline to work on a South African client’s holiday home in the South of Portugal. We will be working online to meet the brief and will be sending the shipment abroad. So whilst at first it may seem like online is not the answer, in fact it makes the process more efficient and pleasurable because its more consultative. If you are paying SA prices on the specific items and my time then it makes amazing sense!

Decorating your home in the UK? Using a South Africa interior consultant can save you thousands!

South African Interior Consultant, Anna Correia, can help you decorate your home while saving you thousands of pounds at the same time. With the South African Rand to British Pound currency exchange rate being nearly 20 to 1, it really is a no-brainer!

Anna Correia’s décor consultancy offers clients currently living in the UK a unique décor package straight out of South Africa, which will ensure they save time and money. The package will offer clients customized services tailored to their taste and needs as well as designer furniture at an affordable rate.

Anna Correia will consult with clients online; compile the decor schemes and have the items custom made in South Africa, which will then be shipped directly to the client’s home. Anna works with reputable contractors that custom make any furniture & decor item required by a client as well as a reputable shipping agent that offers a “door to door “delivery service out of South Africa. Anna also personally does quality control checks of each item of furniture before it is shipped off to a client.

Anna 2Anna 1

How does the process work if you live outside of South Africa?

1. Interested clients can email Anna Correia:

– A floor plan that is to scale OR measurements of the areas they would like redecorated.
– Photographs of the areas.
– A completed questionnaire that Anna Correia will send you (which contains questions including: the areas to be designed; looks you like and dislike; colours that appeal to you and what your budget is)

Main bedroomAnna correia

2. Anna will then:

– Collate a décor scheme.
– Provide a quotation once a client has approved the décor scheme.
– Process and manage all orders with the client & the contractors.
– Organise the shipping of the décor and furniture items.
– Quality check all furniture items prior to being shipped off from SA

The result is enjoying decorating and design services and custom made furniture at South African prices.

Anna also travels frequently to the UK and will be able to service her clients in person when she is there.

If you are interested in viewing Anna’s work you can contact her at: