Istanbul, Turkey, 2018

Beautiful Istanbul… Lovely to meet you!  What an incredible city, I absolutely loved Instanbul!  It has a perfect mix of Old & New, the amount of history in this town is insane!  What amazing buildings; architecture; finishes; richness and the colours it has to offer!   I just could not believe how these buildings were constructed in the Byzantine era, by pure man power.  The main finish in almost all of these famous sites ( Hagia Sophia; Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern ) are all of Marble, and the biggest marble columns that I have ever seen, Magnificent Marble!  I was also blown away by the ceiling details in the buildings, all works of art, and each part telling its own story.  The richness of the colours of yellows; reds; blues with gold is fabulous. Turkey is also surrounded by many of its islands, I visited one known as Buyakada Islands which has a island Turkish yet colonial feel to it!  Istanbul, A truly magical place to be inspired!