Rhodes Island, Greece, 2018

First time to Greece,  I decided to holiday with some friends in Rhodes Island ( Rhodos Island ).  This is a beautiful island with great people; delicious food and a wonderful mysterious Old Town to visit!  I really enjoyed the Old Town, from Byzantine influence and era, it really is a treat to visit!  One can get lost in the Old Town, it is like a maze!  You wont mind though… soaking in the beauty of the historical buildings; cobbled streets; bougan villas pouring over the walls and the vibrant energy!   When in Rhodes, you have to do at least 1 day at Kalithea Springs to soak up the sun and ocean vibes!  The beach club carries though the traditionalism of Rhodes,  with the architecture and cobble pathways, but with a modern feel.   Of course, I could not get enough of the Greek Cuisine!